Hiroshi Fuji

Hiroshi Fuji

brief profile

  • 1960 Born in Kagoshima
  • 1983 graduated from Faculty of fine arts in Kyoto city university of arts.
  • 1983-1985 Supervised Kyoto Joho-sha
    (An unit of performance and organizing the space)
  • 1985 Completed Master course in Kyoto city university of arts
  • 1986-1988 Lecturer of Papua New Guinea National Art School
  • 1988-92 Worked for a consultant office of architecture plan and city planning
  • 1992 A representative of Fuji, Hiroshi Planning Studio
  • Now lives in Fukuoka
  • Currently a vice-director of NPO Plus Arts, professor of Arts & Roots Course, Akita University of Art
  • Director at Towada Art Center

Public Collection

  • Takahashi Collection
  • The Museum of Modern Art Wakayama, (Wakayama)
  • Fukuoka Art Museum (Fukuoka)


Exhibition history

solo exhibition

2012 : "Hiroshi Fuji Solo Exhibition - Central Kaeru Station -
Where have all these toys come from? 3331 Arts Chiyoda Tokyo
2011 : "Image of Hachijuro Fujishima" MORI YU GALLERY TOKYO
2009 : "Toys Saurus" MORI YU GALLERY KYOTO
2008 : "Happy Forest" MORI YU GALLERY TOKYO
2005 : "Arts over Doubts!"Fukuoka Art Museum
1999 : "Hiroshi Fuji Vinyl Plastics Collection"
The Hakone Open-air Museum
1992 : "Japan Art Scholaship The 2,025 a pound of frogs Symposium Spiral Garden Aoyama,Tokyo

Group exhibition

2012 : "Kitakyusyu 2012 ART FOR SHARE"
             Kitakyusyu,Kokura city,Fukuoka
"Water and Land-Niigata Art Festival"Niigata city,Japan
"TRANS ARTS TOKYO" Former Tokyo Denki University Tokyo
"Kaeru - Environmental Public Art Project (Japan)"
             Arts Centre Melbourne
"Breaker Project:Landscapes on the Verge of Exhibition Osaka City Modern Museum Osaka
"Kotobuki Creative Action", Kanagawa Plaza,Kanagawa
2010 : "Tsunagarushikumi" Aomori Contemporary Art Center
"Setouchi International Art Festival 2010"Teshima
"3331 Arts Chiyoda Opening Celebration-1st Exhibition"
3331 Arts Chiyoda Tokyo
"Roppongi Art Night" , Tokyo
2009 : "Suito osaka 2009"(Nakanoshima Park,Osaka)
2008 : "Site Santa Fe Biennale" Site Santa Fe, USA
2007 : "Beautiful New World: Contemporary Visual Culture from Japan," Long March (Beijing) & Guandong Museum of Art, Guandong, China
2006 : "12th Bangladesh Biennale "
Osmani Memorial Hall, Dacca, Bangladesh
2003 : "Echigo-Tsumari Art Field"Tokamachi-city,Nigata
2002 : "Beautiful Life? "Art Tower mito,Ibaragi
2000 : "PICAF2000"Biennale Busan2000,Busan Korea


2011 : "Fly Dragon-Journey from the AOMORI"

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