Yusuke Nakano /Paramodel

Yusuke Nakano /Paramodel

Yusuke Nakano

  • 1976 born in Higashiosaka.
  • 2002 completed Master course of Japanese painting in Kyoto city university of arts Fine-arts graduate course Pictures speciality.


  • 1996 京都市立芸術大学美術学部 日本画専攻 卒業制作 山口[華楊]賞 , Kyoto
  • 2008 Sakuya-kono-hana prize (Art department (Contemporary art), Osaka

Public Collection

  • The Museum of Modern Art Wakayama,Wakayama, JP
  • Nishinomiya Otani commemoration art museum, Hyogo, JP
  • Pigozzi Collection, USA


  • 2008 Sakuya-kono-hana prize (Art department (Contemporary art)/Osaka)

Public Collection

  • The Museum of Modern Art Wakayama
  • Nishinomiya Otani commemoration art museum
  • Pigozzi Collection


Paramodel is an art unit that consists of Yasuhiko Hayashi (1971-) and Yusuke Nakano (1976-).
Both from Higashiosaka located in downtowns in Osaka and the foot in Mt. Ikoma.
Hayashi graduated from Planning design department, Faculty of fine arts in Kyoto city university of arts.
Nakano completed Master course of Japanese painting in Kyoto city university of arts. They began their works in 2001.
The unit named themselves Paramodel in 2003.
The [parallel] two with the different fortes and idea coexist under the concept [paramodel] -the poetic model/plan put together from various parts in the world and heart- and make use of their each [parallax] and relationship, and create the works of a variety of techniques and media based on the element of their [play with models].

Exhibition history

Solo Exhibitions

2002 : Feb. Yasuhiko Hayashi+Yusuke Nakano "Aozora landscape"(Gallery uramado / Osaka)
Jun. Yasuhiko Hayashi+Yusuke Nakano "Ku-so- landscape"(Gallery sen/ Osaka)
2004 : Jul. sky-blue plastic route (Gallery sowaka / Kyoto)
2005 : "paramodelic graffiti" Kyoto art center
"Paradise model" MORI YU GALLERY KYOTO
2006 : "Paramodelic Production Plant"Gallery Aka Kaidan Art College Kobe
2007 : "Paramodelic Plant Construction",MORI YU GALLERY KYOTO
"Paramodel Exhibition" The Museum of Art, Kochi
2008 : "Paramodel Joint Factory Workshop Document",Goten-yama Art Center,Osaka
"Paramodel Joint Factory,"Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art,Kagawa
2009 : "Paramodelic-graffiti at Naniwabashi Station,"Art Area B1,Osaka
"P Class Arcitsct Studio,"MORI YU GALLERY KYOTO
"Paramodelic Motor Pool,"MORI YU GALLERY TOKYO
2010 : "The World According to Paramodel"
Otani Memorial Art Museum,Nishinomiya City,Hyogo
"The world according to P"MORI YU GALLERY KYOTO
"Parallelplan" The art gallery of Kanazawa college of art /Kanazawa
2011 : "Tommyca world of Paramodel"
Mitsubishi-Jisho ARTIUM,Fukuoka
2012 : "How to make a paramodel" MORI YU GALLERY TOKYO
"The plastic model of paramodel is paramodel"
The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam,Hanoi,Vietnam
2013 : "para-modeling / Chimerical Scheme of Paramodellia"
Maison Hermès 8F,Tokyo
2014 : "U to P"MORI YU GALLERY TOKYO,Tokyo

Group Exhibition

2005 : "New Art Competition"
Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
2007 : "Beautiful New World: Contemporary Visual Culture from Japan,"Long March (Beijing) & Guandong Museum of Art, Guandong, China
"Dialogue with the City" BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama
"Itineraire" Aomori Contemporary Art Centre
"Painting As Forest : Artst as Thinker"
Okazaki Mindscape Museum,Aichi
2008 : "KITA!!: Japanese Artists Meet Indonesia"
Bandung Center for New Media Art, Indonesia
"Living Together: Desire,Contradiction,Creation"
Kawasaki City Museum
"Extended Senses: Present of japanese/korean Media Art"
NTT InterCommunication Center[ICC], Tokyo
"Akasaka Art Flower 08"
Former Akasaka Elementary School, Tokyo
"Art as a Bridge" Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art,Oyamazaki Assembly Hall, Kyoto
2009 : "Viewp oints & Viewing Points ? The 2009 Asian Art Biennial",National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA)
"Between Site & Space", Artspace, Sydney, Australia
"Big in JAPAN" Contemporary Art Centre,VIlnius, Lithuania
"Diorama of the City:Between Site & Space"
Artspace Visual Arts Centre,Sydney, Australia
"From Home to the Museum:Tanaka Tsuneko Collection"
The Museum of Modern Aer,Wakayama
2011 : "VOCA 2011 - Artists on New Plain- "The Ueno Royal Museum
"Kotobuki Creative Action", Kanagawa Plaza,Kanagawa
"Breaker Project:Landscapes on the Verge of Exhibition"Osaka City Modern Museum,Osaka
"POP?POP!POP?"The Museum of morden art,Wakayama
"Art Garden at the Singapore Art Museum"Singapore Art Museum,Singapore
"Hosomi Museum Art Canvas2011"Hosomi Museum,Kyoto
"ROKKO Meats Art 2011"ROKKOSAN!¢Kobe
"Akatsuka Fujio Manga University Exhibition"kyoto international manga museum,Kyoto
"Ways of Worldmaking"The national of art museum ,Osaka
2012 : "Waiting for the First Train" Tokyo Station Gallery, Tokyo
"New Collection 2010"
Otani Memorial Art Museum,Nishinomiya City, Hyogo
"Toyonaka parallel airline with paramodel" Toyonaka City citizens gallery,Art Gallery Hills One,Osaka international airport gallery Osaka
"Daikanyama art street : not authority, but art."
hillside gallery, Tokyo
Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) and Queensland Art Gallery (QAG),Australia
2013 : "16th Japan Media Arts Festival "Art Division- Jury Selections"The National Art Center, Tokyo
"Why not live for Art? II"Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo
"Museum of summer vacation"The Museum of Modern art, wakayama
"Group exhibition" MERRY-GO-ROUND,kyoto
"TAMAVIVANT Ⅱ 2013" Tama Art University Exhibition,Parthenon tama,Tokyo
"Story of Minato-Sakuya-kono-hana prize winner"Creative Center Osaka
"Perth International Arts Festival 2014" John Curtin Gallery,Australia
"Daily Reflections" Total Museum of Contemporary Art,Korea


2003 : Jun. "Paramodels PaPaPa hand-maid flipbook school"
at art in transit vol.5 ?(the Palace side hotel / Kyoto)
2004 : Aug. "Let’s play the plarail with paramodel vol.01"
at Nuigurumi theater (remo / Osaka)
2005 : Feb. "Let’s play the plarail with paramodel vol.02"
at paramodelic graffiti (Kyoto art center / Kyoto)
Aug. "Let’s make the diorama and, play by Gandam"
at Gandam exhinition (Suntory museum/ Osaka)
Nov. "Let’s play the plarail with paramodel vol.03"
at art school (Shikitsu elementary school / Osaka)

Screen works

2002 : Oct. "landscape from a window/ music by Yabemilk" at animation soup 2002 (hep five 8f hall / Osaka)
Nov. scratch tile screening + lecture series #14 Kansai night vol.5 ?(Scratch tile / Yokohama)
Nov-Dec "Aozora landscape.marks of the anima" at TOKYO ZONE 2 (Centre Pompidou /Paris, France)
Dec. "Tenasi inu" at Tip Collection 2002-2003 (Ogicho music square /Osaka)
2004 : Jul. "Tenasi inu" at sky-blue plastic route (Gallery sowaka / Kyoto)
Aug. "Tenasi inu" at Nuigurumi theater (remo!?Osaka)

Commission Work

2008 : "Paramodelic Xillion-dot Construction"
Maison Hermes Window Display in Ginza / Tokyo
2011 : "Parallel Factory"
Maison Hermes Window Display in Ginza / Tokyo

Art Fair

2003 : Art in CASO 2003 (Kaigandori Gallery CASO / Osaka)
Art cologne 37th international fair for modern art ?(koelmesse / K?ln, Germany)
2005 : Art fair Tokyo (Tokyo international forum/ Tokyo)
Art in CASO 2005 (Kaigandori Gallery CASO / Osaka)
2007 : Art fair Tokyo 2007 (Tokyo international forum/ Tokyo)
KIAF art fair (Korea)
2008 : ART@AGNES2008 (agnes hotel / Tokyo)
Art fair Tokyo 2008 (Tokyo international forum/ Tokyo)
2009 : Art fair Tokyo (Tokyo international forum/ Tokyo)
Young Art Taipei 2009,(Sunworld Dynasty Hotel,Taipei,Taiwan)
Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2009,(Toubi Art Forum,Tokyo)
Art@Agnes 2009,(The Agnes Hotel and Apartments Tokyo)
2010 : Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 10 (Grand Hyatt Hong Kong,China)
Mancy’s Tokyo Art Night,(Mancy’s Tokyo)
Art Fair Tokyo 2010,(Tokyo international forum/ Tokyo)
Young Art Taipei 2010,(Sunworld Dynasty Hotel,Taipei,Taiwan)v Art Taipei 2010 (Taipei world trade center,Taiwan)
2011 : Art Stage Singapore
Art Taipei 2011 (Taipei world trade center,Taiwan)
KIAF 2011
2012 : ART HK 12 (Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre,Hong Kong)



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