Masayuki Kawai

Masayuki Kawai

brief profile

  • 1972 Born in Osaka.
  • 1994 Begin videoart-making.
  • 1996 Graduated the University of Tokyo with B.A. (major in aesthetics)
  • 2014 Completed the masters program at the University of Tokyo with M.A. (major in Representation and Culture).
  • 2019 Completed the doctoral program without a doctoral degree at the University of Tokyo (major in Representation and Culture).


  • 2012 Special Prize in "Tokyo Experimental Festival" Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan
  • 2002 Prize in Mori Art Museum "Young Video Artist Initiative", Japan
  • Honorable Mention in Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Germany
  • 2001 Special Mention of the Jury in 11.Internationales Bochumer Videofestival, Germany

Public collection

  • National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan
  • Tokyo Polytechnic University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Oberhausen International Shortfilm Festival, Germany
  • Queens Museum of Art in New York,U.S.
  • Hwajeon Museum, Korea, Seoul

Exhibition history

Solo Exhibition

2016 : "natura : data", MORI YU GALLERY,Kyoto
2015 : 『The Capital Room: Beyond Three Dimensional Logical Pictures』vol.6 Masayuki Kawai gallery αM,Tokyo
"VIDEORGANISM - Infinite Mutation", Chi-Wen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 : "Aesop and the collaboration of G-tokyo", Aesop Aoyama,Tokyo
"Feedback : Reflexion",MORI YU GALLERY TOKYO
"Feedback : Reflexion",MORI YU GALLERY KYOTO
2012 : "Feedback : Reflexion", Chi-Wen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2008 : "Theology of Spectacle", Chi-Wen Gallery & SPOT-Taipei Film House, Taipei, Taiwan
2006 : "Melancholic Utopia"
Yokohama Portside Gallery, Yokohama, Japan
2005 : Issue Project Room, New York, USA
2004 : "Manyo/Tokyo", Tokyo Wonder Site 2, Tokyo, Japan
"De Visione Absentis (On the Vision of the Absent)"
Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan
"Phaidros cafe videoart showing", Phaidros cafe, Tokyo, Japan
2002 : "Asian Contemporary Art Week"
Queens Museum of Art, New York,USA
"Young Video Artists Initiative 06"
THINK ZONE (Organized by Mori Art Museum), Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibition

2018 : Takahiko Iimura・Masayuki Kawai "Anatomic Delirium-Synergy of Analog Moving Image" MORI YU GALLERY,Kyoto
Masayuki Kawai・Kentaro Taki・Shuhei Nishiyama "Visual Materialism" MORI YU GALLERY,Kyoto
2016 : "Dark Science", MORI YU GALLERY ,Kyoto
"TTM: IGNITION BOX 2016", Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Museum of Art
2015 : "TTM: IGNITION BOX", Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Museum of Art
「absolute now」ATSUKOBAROUH, Tokyo
2012 : Hors Pistes 2012", Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
"Atsuko Tanaka - Art of Connecting", Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
"JOLT Japanese Australian Sonic Festival", SuperDeluxe, Tokyo
2011 : "Tokyo Experimental Festival", Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya

2010 : "Live Explosion", BankART, Yokohama
2009 : "EXPERIMENTAL SOUND & ART FESTIVAL" Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan
"Masayuki Kawai/Baba Hilman" Cite International des arts, Paris, France
"visual philosophy salon vol.3", Apple Store Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
"Hors Pistes Japon" L’Institute Franco-Japonais de Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
"Open Campus" Tokyo Zokei University Tokyo, Japan
2008 : "Dialogue and commitment to the city towards Creative Education,Tokyo-London culturalexchange program",Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan
"Berlinale: Directors Lounge" Berlin, Germany
"Global Art-Video" La Sala Naranja participa en el CeC&CaC, New Delhi, India
"Who’s Next", Museum at TAMADA PROJECTS,Tokyo,Japan
"visual philosophy salon vol.0-2", Apple Store Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
"Masayuki Kawai/Kentaro Taki" Indie Space, Seoul, Korea
2007 : "Dumbo transitions" Safe-T-Gallery, New York,USA
2006 : "Asian Contemporary Art Week", Bronx Museum of Art, New York, USA "d/Art/06", Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia "Move on Asia - Crash and Network"
Shanghai Duolun Museum of ModernArt, Shanghai,China /
Arario Beijing, Beijing, China / Loop Gallery, Seoul, Korea
"Mois de la Culture Japonaise", Consulate General of Japan at Geneva, Switzerland
"reverberacoes 2 - index generator 2", Centro Cultural da Juventude-CCJ, San Paulo, Brazil
Casa de Cultura-UEL, Londrina,Brazil
2005 : "25th International Festival Experimental Film/Video" Zagreb, Croatia
"The Gift: Building a Collection for the Queens Museum" Queens Museum of Art, New York, USA
2004 : "Twilight Tomorrow" Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
"SENI - Home Front" Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
2003 : "Day of the Revolutionay: Clark in Context" Museum of Contemporary Art, Washinton
" video experimental e video arte" Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art, Brasil
"telepidemic! in Tokyo" POLA Museum Annex, Tokyo, Japan
2002 : "Rotterdam International Film Festival" Rotterdam, The Netherlands
"Clermont-Ferrrand International Short Film Festival" Clermont-Ferrand, France
"European Media Art Festival 2002" Osnabrueck, Germany
"Oberhausen International Short Film Festival" Oberhausen, Germany
"Hamburg International Short Film Festival" Hamburg, Germany

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