Cocoru -passerelle jets-

Okimaki(Maki Arie)

2013/07/06[Sat.] - 2013/07/28[Sun.]
Reception; 2013/07/06[Sat.] 18:00-

‘POPINPOS -something that must not be spoken, secret that must be kept hidden, something unforgivable and something important-. All is brought into Popinpos.
The place where no one can enter, yet anyone can pass by. Somewhere nowhere which exists eternally.’ –Okimaki-

‘Cocoru’ is a verb which was created by Cocomaki. It is an official language of ‘Popinpos’, which exists ‘here’. (*pronounced coco in Japanese) In French, it conjugates as:  Je cocore, Tu cocores, Il cocore, nous cocorons, Vous cocorez, Ils cocorent.
It indicates several things; ‘Co’, which prefixes ‘COlaboration’ and ‘COmunication’, is squared (*co x co) by two or more people so that one’s ambitions are actualised as a project.
It functions directly on ‘heart’ or ‘minds’ (*pronounced ‘cocoro’ in Japanese) and ‘here’ (*pronounced ‘coco’ in Japanese).
It indicates the holistic approach to environment ‘coco(here)’, where the body exists and involves,.
Publication of the magazine ‘Cocoru’ has been designed also, which is the place for cocomaki to present her study.

Passerelle Jets
 When something unmovable moves, and the ladders that cannot be exist are connected to somewhere, that changes us spatiotemporally.
Each painting is a scene (or a movie) of different stories and those stories are never to be told at the exhibition but in Popinpos.
The titles do not explain the paintings, but more like the mystic words and the effect itself is left open to those who read them.
The paintings are just being there and free from the concepts and definitions.