Memory's feel

Yasuhiro Fujiwara

2010/10/29[Fri.] - 2010/11/27[Sat.]
Reception; 2010/10/29[Fri.] 18:00

Memory's feel ; Photo1
Memory's feel ; Photo2
Memory's feel ; Photo3
Memory's feel ; Photo4
Memory's feel ; Photo5
Memory's feel ; Photo6
Memory's feel ; Photo7

The artworks of Yasuhiro Fujiwara are constructed starting with the fragments of memories.
The landscape and architectural things represented in paitings and objects are elements
extracted from memory, myth and folklore.
The reconstructed image has become a piece of story for each viewers, the works
give a sense of intimacy as things could not likely to exist, felt vaguely a sense of incongruity at the same time.
Yasuhiro Fujiwara's art works also collected by THYSSEN-BORNEMISZA ART CONTEMPORARY.
We do hope you will be able to have a look.